About Us


  • Our Dolce Candles have been created and hand poured in Perth Western Australia
  • Our fragrances have been sourced from the finest natural resources using only local suppliers within Australia
  • They have been carefully selected from superior essences and natural fragrances
  • Dolce home candles only use 100% Natural plant base Soy Wax GMO free
  • Using a Natural Soy Wax will melt and burn at a lower temperature and last longer than harmful wax
  • Each Dolce Candle has an approx. burn time of 60 hours
  • Poured in small batches to ensure quality and consistency of each Dolce Home Candle
  • Presented in a beautiful seamless frosted jar, the frosting gives a beautiful soft glow to the candles flame and looks particularly special at night
  • The Wicks are pure cotton with a paper braid and are lead and zinc FREE
  • FREE of palm wax and harmful paraffin wax
  • FREE of harmful pesticides, herbicides and any toxic materials
  • FREE of genetically modified materials

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